Sunday, January 31, 2010

Visitors and more puppy pics...

Today my friend Kim and her two girls Anya and Ella came over to play with puppies and Evan. It was a fun time by all. I tried to get some shots with my camera, some were more successful then others. Enjoy!
Here is Moon. I tried all morning to take a shot while she was stopped in a nice stack as she just doesn't seem to stand up well on the table when the camera is around. Well, this is the best one I got. Blurry, but can't you see her potential?

Beautiful Jade.

Several of the pups lined up.

Anya, Evan and Ella around the tree!

Evan helping Ella.



The three black pups, Moon, Abz, and Jade.

Big smile Ella!

Dazzle..please just let us out!

Flint in his indoor pen, sitting pretty for the camera.

Mist's favorite spot on top of a box in the indoor pen.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random puppy pics...

Here are some random puppy pictures from our photo shoot at 8 weeks. I am hoping to get some more with friends if things clear up tomorrow!!

Flint. "Pick me next!"

Beautiful Dazzle

Jade..."Did I miss something?"

Mist "awoooo...why not me?"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dolly puppies 8 weeks...

Dolly's puppies are 8 weeks today! Here are the puppies below who are going to show homes. I am going to post some more random shots from this past week tomorrow. The first one leaves on Saturday! 8 puppies is a lot of work, so it's time to let them go to their new homes!

Moon, not standing totally on top of herself this week. She is the spitting image of her mother!

Abz, the male pick of the litter.

Azula, who will be growing up here unless I find someone to play with her for a while...any takers? :-)

Dazzle...she will also grow up here...sorry not sure if I can part with her.

Anyone interested in coming to the puppy party, please let me know! It will be Saturday, Feb. 6th. If you want more information give me your email and I will send you details!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Alice's puppies are 3 weeks old today!

Wow, can't believe they are already at the 3 week old mark. Here is a picture of all of them together...more to come after I recover from RCC dog show!

Della hips...

Since I got a copy of the digital image...I thought I could post it up on here to educate those who want to see hips. Della is Pawcific Delphinium. She is the tri bitch without much white that mostly has stayed home to grow up. I am thinking of breeding her this year, waiting to see how things pan out. This was done by the BVS mobile vet clinic, no sedation. Anyone want to guess what OFA will say??? I definitely have my thoughts already.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The first adventure outside!

Since the weather has been completely horrible lately...I jumped at the first dry day at home and got the puppies outside for the first time. They were a little overwhelmed at first, but didn't take them very long before they were running all over, having fun!

All the puppies and Evan in their outdoor pen. This is under my big tree outside, so the ground isn't too green, but at least it wasn't a mud mess!!

Flint on the left and Jazz to the right.

Dazzle with a toy

Azula with a toy

Moon, licking her lips on Evan's lap.

Sweet Dazzle

Moon, she looks just like her Mom at this age!

Abz, clicked the camera slightly late as he was sitting so pretty, he is about ready to leap to the other side of the pen right now.

Flint, he really would like a home!
Dazzle and Azula

Flint again



Enjoying lunch before going back inside...Abz, Jazz, Azula, and Jade (left to right)

A video of Jade...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dolly puppies 6 weeks...

They are in a really cute stage! Although, since they are now weaned pretty much fully, they need lots of attention! Here are some random pictures taken. I have updated stacked shots on the website!


Abz (formally Onyx)...chewing on a bone

Jade...pretending to be a Cardigan I think!

Flint running across the floor. This puppy is always on the move!

Moon trying to get Evan!


Azula with Evan. She reminds me so much of Sparky in personality!

Anyone want to come visit and get a puppy fix? :-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michael's Photography

Michael launched his photography website this weekend. If anyone is interested in seeing it, here is the address, He does amazing work and I am huge admirer. :-)

Random picture shots...

Dolly's puppies got a new style of pen...yes shavings!! I am trying it out this way, but may change it around a bit as I see what works. This pen area is in my sunroom, so it connects into my house so that all the puppies can get the noises and atmosphere of my house. I would really love to keep them here as long as I can as they are easily accessible to the house. But, never had 8 puppies in here, so not sure how long I am going to be able to stand the clean up. Next stop for them will be a big area in my dog run room. When I say big, I mean like huge!

And a couple of random shots of Alice's puppies...

Blue merle boy, fast asleep. He has a pretty face with half black and half blue merle.

The three girls hanging out together.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dolly puppies 5 weeks!

The group almost all in a row!

Evan playing with the puppies while I cleaned up their pen area. They just love Evan! Individual pictures are now updated on my website!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Litter theme

I had preplanned a litter theme for Alice's puppies. Alice was named Wildair Because I'm Blue, as she was the only blue merle in Morgan's litter. Bonnie was really bummed as she really wanted a girl, but since Alice was so oddly marked herself, she didn't want to keep her for I took her instead. Told her that she can't loose the beautiful blues and thus Alice came because she was blue! So, this litter, after their mother are going to be my "Just Because" litter. We have tons of names already are a few...

Just Because I Can
Just Because You Can Look At Me
Just Because I Am Cute
Just Because I've Been Good
Just Because I Can Play
Just Because I'm Splashy (if they are Splash's pups that is)
Just Because I Said So
Just Because I'm A Superstar
Just Because I Got in the Paint
Just Because I'm Mischief

And the thinking keeps going...

More pics from today...Alice puppies!

The whole group! Took a bit to get them to stop wiggling or hovering under their Mom. It's pretty funny how all the merles are piled on one another, but the black girl is off the pile.

Proud Mom with one of her boys.

One of the girls heads.

The other girl head

Can you tell I am already fascinated by this puppy? Off show side...

Show side...hmm, wonder what she will look like!

Another boy, fast asleep.

The two merle girls to compare heads.

Two boys...more to come...