Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feeding puppies...

The puppies were moved into a different room today. I decided to move them temporarily in the living room, but I am sure they will outgrow the little space I have fairly quickly! It was needed though as Alice is getting close to having her puppies and needs the warmth of my office for newborns. While I was moving around things today I got a couple of pictures. Lighting is awful, but here is the crew enjoying a meal in their new area.

From Left to Right: Azula, Moon, blue boy without a name right now (any suggestions?), Onyx, Jazz, Jade, Rocky, and finally Dazzle.

Note: One of these days I am going to get back my editing program (computer crashed and took it with it last spring), but unfortunately until then, what my camera takes is what you get!! Sorry.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Available to a pet home

I have a year old neutered male that needs to be rehomed. If you want more information, please visit my Cardigan Puppy Page for more information. He is a sweet boy, just needs some more structure in his life!

Puppies 3!!!

Here are some candid pictures from Jenny's visit today. Individual pictures can be seen on my website!! :-)


Blue merle boy #2 (still doesn't have a puppy name, sorry)

"Moon" being attacked by bigger sister "Azula"


"Moon" again.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Puppies 3 weeks!

Jenny was going to come over and help me get individual pictures today, but she ended up having to drive up north to get something for her new business. So...until she can get is a video of puppies playing and being more active! They are really in the cute stage now and starting to really develop personalities. Anyone want to visit?? :-)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!

In my family, we always joke that I can only cook rice crispy treats really well, so I perfected them. :-) Merry Christmas to all.

~Emily & all at Pawcific

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tooth fairy visit for Evan...

Last night Evan pulled out his very wiggly tooth! He had a special present from the tooth fairy this morning. He was very excited!! (oh, it's the bottom space...the top one is where the dentist pulled a tooth when he was 3 yrs old)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dolly puppies 2 weeks!

Dolly's puppies are growing fast! They are already fast like BC puppies usually are and haven't even opened their eyes yet! (hence the blurriness above!!) A couple of them almost have their eyes open. One of the black girls decided to escape today, I thought it was a fluke until she did it a second time!! (and they really don't have their eyes open yet) I am hoping to get some real photographers over once they are moving around, as I just can't get my camera to auto focus correctly. Oh, those who want to visit...come on over!! In another week, they will be playful, by 4 weeks they will be playing with toys and smarter then you can imagine. Guaranteed! Our joint puppy party for both Dolly's litter and Lucy's is being if you are interested in coming, please email me privately and I will keep you in the loop!

Here are some individual pictures. More pics can be found on the website at Go to Border Collies, then to the Puppy Page, there you can access the link to the individual puppy pics!

Black girl #1

Black boy

Black girl #2

Blue merle boy #2

Blue merle boy #1

Blue merle girl #1

Blue merle girl #3

Blue merle girl #2

PS...any thoughts on a litter theme?? Jenny suggested we do Sparkly puppies (Dolly and Sparky's name put together) and do Gems or names with sparkly things. Another person suggested naming puppies after stars (in the sky, not actors). I am already sick of calling them #1 and #2, so want to get at least some temporary puppy names quickly!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our trip to Eukanuba (with some pictures)...

Mt Shasta on the drive down. It was a beautiful drive until we got past Sacramento and found the rain!
Welcome sign.

The big paw print.

Secret in the breed ring.Vogue in the breed ring.

Emily and Tara (roommate) at lunch after Secret's big win.

Harvey in the group ring. I helped Kelly out ringside, so was down next to the ring, which was fun!

Kelly and Harvey.

Kenya and Debbie in group.

The best travel buddy ever, Jeanette!! She was a big help and we both had a blast.

Win pictures will be coming soon...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dolly puppies day 4...

Day 4...everyone seems to be doing great! All fat and healthy. Two of the puppies had to go in and get rear dewclaws removed, but otherwise we had an uneventful day. For those blue merle fanatics out is a perfect shot for you above, and below the big shot with all. Above left to right is blue merle girl #3, blue merle boy #2, blue merle boy #1. I already have my favorites, but only time will tell if they turn out to be those special puppies!!

Proud mama with all her brood!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

All in a row...

Dolly puppies arrive!!!

Since the blog is more of a story place, I can tell more about my morning. I went to bed late with no real progress with Dolly, just acting about the same, panting, very uncomfortable but not acting in labor yet. I woke up in the middle of the night, nothing changed. When I woke up at 6 am (after 2 hrs from the last time I was awake) their was one dead puppy. I worked on her for 30 minutes as she did have some color in her still, but no go. When Mom arrived about 7 am, she said that it looked more like bruising then real pink, so our guess is that she was long gone. I left for school close to after that. We basically decided that Dolly, being miserable and not acting like she is pushing, was probably a candidate for a c-section. Mom gave her until 8:30 am when our vet opened. No progress, so off to the vets they went. I left school early and got to the vets just as they were making the decision on whether to do a c-section or not. The vet basically gave us two options, the first was wait a little longer, give her some drugs and try and see if she will start pushing normally, but most likely would result in c-section, or the second would be to just open her up now and get it done. We went for the second as Dolly being so miserable, we both felt that we had a risk of loosing more puppies if we waited much longer. As things were being prepared, we all cast a vote on how many puppies would arrive. One of the vet techs won with a total of 8 puppies born via c-section, the 1 dead, so total was 9. It was the first time I actually was there for the whole procedure and helped revive puppies, so it was definitely an experience. The breakdown, 2 blue merle boys, 1 black boy, 3 blue merle girls, 2 black girls. Dolly is doing great, seems to be a very good mother and all puppies are healthy! Even though I hate doing c-sections, I am glad we went this route and have live puppies.