Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Evan's Birthday!

Yesterday was Evan's Birthday! 5 years old!!! Wow. Does that mean we get out of the question stage?? :-) Anyways....Michael took the day off to spend it with us. He took Evan to a park and got some really good pictures. Did I mention that Michael does photography on the side? Well, here is the best ones...

Schools...Evan related...

So, needless to say some of you may or may not know that Evan has had the opportunity to attend a private school this past year for Preschool. It's called The Gardner School in Vancouver. The school is built around the idea of multiple intelligence and has been a fantastic school, especially for Evan who is advanced in certain avenues compared to others his age. Unfortunately due to my economic circumstances, I am at the moment unable to figure out how to afford next year's tuition to keep him in Gardner School. It would be OK accept Washington State has just cut huge funding for the public system and it sounds as though Camas will not have the extra activities including music, advanced placement, etc. It just amazes me in these trying times that schools of all things are getting cut back. Our future generation need so much help and that good education is a must. I really hate seeing him go to the public system next year, but I guess what can you do? Anybody have any ideas, let me know...

Chintimini Day Two...

Thank you to everyone who sent congratulations to me on my wonderful Saturday wins at Chintimini. On Sunday, Secret went Best of Opposite Sex behind Ch Mariel's Harvest Moon. I am so pleased with how Secret is just blossoming right now and really starting to show her full potential. I will post pictures from Saturday when they arrive!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A day to remember...

Wow, that is about all I can say about today...I can't believe my luck. Today was the start of our Chintimini KC Supported Entries here in the Northwest. With 40 Cardigans entered, I thought for sure we wouldn't have any possibility of winning, hoped for WD, but that was all I hoped for. Well...two of my dogs that I breeder/owner/handled today did me proud. Lincoln showed his little heart out and won WD. Diesel did well for him and won 2nd in Open. Both boys are completely different type, so I knew that if one won, the other probably didn't have a chance. Della loved being in the show ring and just wagged her tail the whole time in the ring. She is really high in the rear right now at 8 mths, so wasn't surprised she won 2nd. Then, into BOB we went with Ms Secret and Jenny, my sister, took back in Lincoln, bless her heart! (he isn't the easiest to handle!!!!) And this is what made me cry today...yes Secret won Best of Breed!!!!! If that wasn't enough, Lincoln won BOS over all the male specials for a 5 pt major. AND...if that wasn't enough yet....Secret came out of groups with a Group 4!!! Thanks to judge Neena Van Camp. Am I ever proud of my Cardigans today and even more proud that I was on the end of the lead. Not sure when I will come down from the clouds...but I needed it this week, that is for sure! ~ Emily

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The good, bad, and ugly

I haven't had much a chance to blog lately. Partly due to the fact that my extra time has been spent with a certain someone (yes I have a boyfriend again). Other partly because I haven't had much going on with dogs lately other then training and getting ready for the big Chintimini show. Wow, 40 Cardigans, still can't believe that one. And the other issue is my computer, which is definitely having issues and is currently not here. So, on my parents laptop, which they kindly let me borrow!

Many might ask why I named this post the good, bad, and ugly. Well, going through some difficult times right now. Support from all would be good. Not something I really care to explain other then the fact that I love dogs too much sometimes it seems. My path in life seems to be changing or entering a new channel...so trying to let it happen and work itself out. I love the body talk work I am doing. I have been able to heal myself from simple injuries, taken away headaches, and most importantly transfering it all to my dogs and solving some of the ongoing household dynamics. If anyone would like me to help out, let me know as I love to practice my current skills! Evan's birthday is next Monday, can't believe he will be 5 already! Thank you to all of the pet owners who have written me lately with updates! I love hearing how my grandkids are doing.

That's enough rambling right now. Peace to all in blogland!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A little bit of everything...

Since I didn't have much time today...I thought I would just upload some things in one post, instead of splitting them up. Here is my little bit of everything post!!
This is Walker...he is a Papillon puppy I am growing up for a local breeder. Yes, he is a phalene, and a very nice one at that! He is almost 6 months old and will be in the ring soon.
Just a little bit of spring outside my front door!

One more shot of spring!

Trophies for Chintimini KC...Wow 40 Cardigans entered!!!

Evan playing on my piano one night this week. He just loves to show off the piano!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nationals - tracking test

Mom is IN!!!! Yipppeee!!! She was real worried with having another breed that she wouldn't get in the test, but she did. Rocket TD (pictured above) will be going for his TDX! Her is to keeping all fingers crossed he does well!!!

Seattle KC show

Hi all!
Well, this weekend I traveled up to Seattle by myself for once, but with 6 dogs to show! It ended up being a good and bad weekend at the show...the best part was my Chessie puppy client. She was just over 6 months old and at her first show. She wiggled her way into winning BOW on Sat and WB on Sunday for a total of 4 pts! In BC's, my bitch client won Reserve both days, my special Splash won BOB on Saturday. In Cardigans, it was Della's first weekend and on Saturday she had an upset stomach, kind of an odd circumstance as she seemed to not be stressed or overly worried. We think it was something to do with a bone I gave her to keep her busy, so no more recreational bones for her!! So, needless to say I was late to the Cardigan ring on Saturday, didn't get enough chance to warm up Lincoln, so he ended up with Reserve. On Sunday he won WD but then got girls on his brain and I lost him in BOB, Della was able to go in the ring and showed her little heart out but was beat by Paul's puppy who is way more trained then Della is right now, so I didn't mind in the least. I was proud of both my Cardis, even if it wasn't great results this weekend. Now if I could just get the clients home so I could spend more time training my own dogs!!! The hard part about being a handler! ~ Emily

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A picture day! (more)

Here are the front and side shots!! I have my favorite side shot, but thought I would put up all four I like the best and may use at different times. I think she is one special girl!!




Monday, March 2, 2009

A picture day!

For those who need something to do...HELP ME!! So, Jenny and I took Secret out on a picture day today with the weather so nice. I am quite pleased with many of the shots she took, although none are like "yes pick this one". So, you'll should help me decide!!! I narrowed it down to 9 shots!







New addition

Introducing....Shadowalk Nola
Nola came back home with me from the LCKC show. Susan Lassila took Clu home, in replacement she brought me Nola. Nola is 11 mths old currently. She is out of my Owain, mother is Ch Shadowalk Unbelievable CD. Anyone think she resembles someone else??


I am getting soooo excited about Nationals!! Mom and I are driving back to Kansas this year. We are making plans right now on which route we will take. I am guessing we will take the most direct route...but am considering doing the southern route on the way there, if Mom doesn't get into the tracking test. Currently...we have four dogs of our own, plus several have asked us to transport dogs for them (we still have a bit of room, if you know of someone looking for something that needs transported back to nationals or shown at nationals or from nationals to the Northwest!), Evan (who I have decided is just not going to be able to stay behind away from Mom that long), my Mom, Kathy, and myself, in my new van! We leave on April 9th and will get home around the 21st. I think this is the most amount of dogs I have taken to nationals, as we usually have to fly and only take one or two. If anyone has some good new toy suggestions for Evan for the trip, please let me know! I am trying to collect as many "in the car" items as possible to keep him occupied for the 50+ hours of driving we will be doing. That is a lot of entertaining for an almost 5 year old!!!

Evan's creation

It always amazes me what Evan comes up with...since I haven't had much luck finding the pictures I am looking for on the front discussion...I decided I better post something from Evan. Late last week, Evan came and told me "I made something for you Mom"...so I went and looked...yes it is a lego creation, but without any directions, he made this really cool car garage. So, I had to take a picture of it!