Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Champion Lincoln!!

Since I am pretty exhausted after the super HOT weekend in Yakima...I am going to copy and paste my post on Show-Cardi...more results later from the weekend to come!

I am pleased to announce a New Champion at Pawcific. Lincoln aka New CH Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered finished at the Yakima KC show this weekend in Washington. He is sired by Aust CH Wynrik Drum Major x Am CH Pawcific Merry Miss Carey. Lincoln came from a litter via frozen semen that I had planned a long time ago. Unfortunately as things go, he ended up being the only puppy in the litter, but what a special boy he is! Along the way, Lincoln was shown all out of the bred by class, so he is my 4th bred by medallion. Right before nationals he won a 5 point major at a huge supported entry at Chintimini KC going BOS over all the male specials...then he went to nationals and won 4th in 12-15 mth sweeps and 2nd in Bred by....he then came home and went to a local show where he won Best Bred By in Show...and today he finished with that last single point! Oh, and for those who were wondering, Lincoln was prelim'd a couple of weeks ago and came back OFA EXCELLENT!! Something I am very proud of! Lincoln will now enjoy being home for a while and growing up, but I am sure you will see this "steam locomotive" once again in the ring as a special.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updates...anything and everything inbetween!

Since I seem to need to update on several things and couldn't be bothered to try and separate everything...I just decided to do it in all one post!
First some of you may know my computer crashed pretty badly about a month ago. In the process I lost a lot of my website information. I am working on recreating things, which is a long and tiring endeavor. Since I am doing it anyways, I am reconstructing most of it and changing some things. So, anyone who is interested can go to and watch for the updates to come in the next few weeks!
This is an updated photo from Juanita in Columbia of Pawcific Midnight Moon. "Kisha" is a littermate to BISS Ch Pawcific Dream Date, owned by Bonnie Harris, Jennifer & Kathy Fish. I co-bred the litter and am pleased with how the siblings all turned out.
Sorry, but needed to include a couple picture, since Michael seems to take most of the pictures, its rare to get him in one! This is us down at the Columbia River outside of Beaches.

Here is an updated running shot of Tanner. Thanks to Karen! Tanner is Della's brother. He is the pick in that litter and I can't wait to see how he grows up!

Pictured above and below is Pawcific Morning Latte. "Windy" is the littermate to "Chai" which you all may remember as he is my gold puppy. Windy has been with her co-owners Ardell and Ken Parkin since she was 8 weeks old. Since Jenny co-bred the litter with me, she is the co-owner of Windy and will show her. We took her to Utah and then Jenny took her onto Spokane/Idaho cluster. She won several Reserves to majors and really did well for her first time out. Windy will probably be shown again sometime later this summer.

And since I am updating everyone...did I mention that Diesel won 2 more points in Idaho this past weekend, he is really close to finishing, although need to find a second major, and Secret came home from the cluster with a BOB and a BOS. On the BC realm...Congrats to Ardell and Ken on Gracie's BOB wins in Spokane and to Splash who won BOB both days in Idaho!
And other news...yes I have a lot of late June I am going back to school. Yeah, sigh, I am working on breaking away from having to handle dogs professionally. Even though I love handling, I would much rather judge and do things with my own dogs. So, I am going to school to become a Massage Therapist, so that I can eventually work on people and animals with my Body Talk work and energy work like my therapists use on me and my dogs. Here is one of our therapists website, which can explain some of the work I will be doing eventually. Full Spectrum Canine Therapy Patricia Maria Kortekaas
That is all the updating for now...must go and pack for Yakima! Anyone going and want to help out...I am showing 9 by myself this weekend! EEK!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

Wow...this month has been great for us in regards to hips!! I am proud to announce our beautiful Border Collie blue boy, CH Majestic Whole Towns Talking, "Splash" is OFA EXCELLENT hips and NORMAL elbows!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hip hip hooray!

Just got word on a BC I bred...CH Pawcific RJ At Mt Denali (CH Winpara Dragonfire x CH Wilblue Silver Haze) is OFA EXCELLENT hips and NORMAL elbows!!!

Papillon Nationals

Some of you may remember a post a while back on my Papillon puppy. Walker, La Ren Moon Walker, is bred and owned by Janis McLaren. He is a phalene, yes the drop eared variety of a Papillon. Janis asked me to grow him up for her and quite frankly not sure if she will get him back as I just love him to bits! Well, this week was his debut show, at the national of all shows. Walker won 2nd place in 6-9 mth puppy dog Sweepstakes class and then followed it by 3rd place in 6-9 mth puppy dog Regular class. The Sweeps was out of 19 puppies, Regular classes was 24 puppies. He has been getting tons of compliments and has a real fan club among the phalene breeders. In fact, one person wanted to take him back to England!

Oh, btw, we are in Fort Mitchell, KY at the Drawbridge Inn. Tomorrow is bitch classes followed by BOB on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Utah shows...

We just got back from Logan, Utah yesterday. I had been invited by my national co-chair April Bruce, if I wanted to come out to a show this year near her. I took her up on the offer, so off we went to Utah this past weekend. It was a bit longer drive then we usually take for a two day show, but the weather was gorgeous, the grounds were beautiful, hospitality was fabulous (thanks to April and her friends Holly and Valerie), and we came home with a few wins to brag about as well! In Cardis, I had the only two, needless to say Secret won BOB both days. In BC's, Mattel won BOW on Sat for 4 pt major, Reiver was RWB on Sat and Windy was RWB on Sun, Splash won BOB both days for a lot of breed points and came out on Sun with a Group 3!! Jenny showed her Siberian client, Gabe, who won RWD on Sat, he is just getting started in the ring. I also showed a couple of Paps for my Mom and our dog Huck is officially minored out, only needing a major to finish now. In the puppy fun match on Sat evening, my phalene Walker won BOB in Paps and went onto a Group 3! I was pleased with how he did. Now...home safe and sound...and off to the Pap nationals in Kentucky on Wednesday!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

I did Lincoln's hips a couple of weeks ago. I didn't want to jinx them, but I thought they looked great! the mail today is the verdict from OFA...and drum roll please...Hips Prelim EXCELLENT!!!! I think this is my first Excellent that I have bred, so I am very excited. Lincoln is otherwise known as Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brayden RN

Thanks to Ken and Ardell, Brayden now has his Rally Novice title! He qualified in all four shows, with a 87 the first day, 86 on the second day, 96 and a third place on the third day, and 97 and 1st place the fourth day! Way to go Ken and Brayden!! Brayden is formally now CH Winpara Dragonfire RN! He is now solely owned by me. Some of you might remember his son, Chai, who is my gold puppy. I really need to get updated pics of him one of these days as he is stunning!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

More pics from Elma...

Some pictures of Evan and Megan's little girl...

Here is Judy on Sunday with Jazz...

Elma, WA dog show

Here are some results from the Elma some pictures (thanks to Michael!).
The star of the weekend awas Reiver who won her first two points going WB both days...
Reiver's pretty head
Reiver on the move.

Secret won BOB on Saturday. On Sunday the judge didn't like her fast movement, oh well.

I also showed a very special Terv for a special person named Judy. We have worked very hard at getting Jazz ready for the ring. Judy entered him in Bred by, so she won the class both days and then I took him back in for Winners Dog. On Sunday he ended up with RWD to a major, so we were pleased! Here is a pic of him...

That is all the news from Elma.

It will be another week or so before my website is updated, so in the meantime the blog will have to do! (FYI, my computer finally gave in, so have been without a computer for several weeks, now it is back up and running, but some of my files were lost, so it will take a while to get my websites updated)

National Photos

I haven't seen a lot of pictures from the National yet...but I do have to say that I am not impressed with the ones I had done. Diesel is NOT stacked properly at all. Lincoln's turned out ok, but not spectacular.
Diesel - 2nd place 12-18 mth dog
Lincoln - 2nd place Bred By Exhibitor

Best Bred By In Show picture

Best Bred By In Show, April 25, 2009, Walla Walla KC, judge Chuck Murray
Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered