Monday, July 26, 2010

LA Specialty photos...

BCCGLA - Vogue Select Bitch and Award of Merit

PCA Southwest Regional Specialty - Walker RWD

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roger and Brianna...the two Cardi puppies left!!

All but two of the Cardigan puppies left this weekend. James went to his new home near Olympia to be a companion and hopefully do some herding. Blarney (formally Claire) went to a home in Oregon where she will be a therapy dog. Autumn (formally Lizzie) went to Rita in Idaho to be a show dog. And finally someone stole Fraser for a bit (guess who?) but he will most likely be back at some point. Today I had my Sister and Mom come over to help with pictures of the two remaining puppies. Roger is looking for a serious show home. Brianna will be here for a while until I decide where she is going. I have several friends wanting to take her home, but nope right now she is my buddy!

Roger and Brianna playing tug. Roger loves a tug toy!!



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Show prospect males available...

I took some quick photos of the two boys available right now at 8 weeks old. I would really like to find show homes for them as I both think they are quality puppies. The pictures didn't quite turn out as good as I had hoped, so will try to do better ones another day when I have help again with all the puppies.

Fraser - he has beautiful structure, a little wide in front right now, but that is real typical of my line at this age, he has big ears, nice short hocks, good tail set, etc. The main draw back to him for me is that he is really laid back, wants to cuddle type personality right now. He is a gorgeous puppy though and with the right hands could do very well.

Roger - his side shot does not do him justice, but oh well. He has a gorgeous front assembly, could use a bit shorter hock in my opinion but does move very nicely on the side. is a bit taller on leg like his mother, nice head, good sized ears, long neck with a nice laid back shoulders and long upper arm. He has a very outgoing personality, can be a little more dominant compared to the other puppies, but no where near some of my other litters in the past.

Pictures from Ferndale shows...

Echo - WB under breeder judge Chuck Murray

Walker - my phalene boys first point with a BOB!

Vogue - Group 4! (her other picture will be coming soon)

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Grand CH Vogue!!

We are down in Ventura, CA for the Summerfest cluster for the BCCGLA specialty and the PCA Regional, plus 3 days of all breed shows. Yesterday, Vogue won Select Bitch and an AOM at the BCCGLA specialty under breeder judge Kelly Whiteman. Today, she once again won Select Bitch to complete her Grand Champion title.

On other news so far this weekend...Walker was RWD at the PCA specialty! I was so proud of my phalene boy and he showed beautifully for me. We had several placings at the specialties including; Dazzle (papillon) won 2nd in Sweeps and 3rd in Regular classes in her 9-12 mth bitch class, Dasher won 3rd in Sweeps and 3rd in Bred by dog, Dazzle (BC) won 2nd in Bred by bitch, and both Morgan and Splash made it to the final cuts of BOB.

Today, Echo won WB, BOS for 2 pts. Dazzle (papillon) won 3rd in Sweeps and 1st in her 9-12 mth class.

A great weekend thus far!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

For Dixie...

Dear Dixie,
Echo did really well this weekend. She won 4 ribbons (Mom says the two purple ones are the most important, but I think all of them are pretty). My Mom made me take her in for BOB and I was really nervous and don't really want to do that again, but everyone said I did well with Echo. My Mom said she did really well in the show ring, but she was much more excited to see me then be in that ring.
After the show we took Echo to the beach and she had fun.
I walked her all by myself,
she sat for me when I told her too,
she even watched me while a wrote my name in the sand.
Thank you for my Echo.

Love, Evan
PS Here is a pretty picture my Mom took of the Smith River coming through the Redwood National Park. I wanted to climb down to the river, but my Mom wouldn't let me.