Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Border Collie Nationals 2011 - Way Out West

After some much needed rest, I think I can finally report on all our winnings of the 2011 BCSA National! So hear it goes...

As many of you know I was co-chair of the entire event. This is not an easy task to take on, especially being the first West coast national for Border Collies. Our committee spent 3 years plus planning for the 9 days jam packed full of events at nationals! All in all everything went smoothly. We sure had a lot of positive comments, which makes those countless hours and devotion to putting on the national much more worth it. Our volunteer shirts had a slogan on the back, "Best in the West Butt Kicking Border Collie Crew" and I sure thought this summed up our committee members!

Onto the results...

Herding - Sparky (Ch Red Ryder at Real Pearl HSAsd, etc.) won a 2nd and a 3rd in Intermediate A Course Sheep, completing his Int title! He also won a 2nd in Ducks and now needs one more Q for that title. Dawna took him to some great runs on tough stock! I was very proud of both of them!!
Unfortunately, none of our other dogs had a chance to prove themselves in herding, so we will look forward to the next local herding trial!

Agility - My grandpup Denali I heard did well in agility at nationals with several Q's. Kelly is sure doing an awesome job with this special boy!

Conformation - Jointly Pawcific South and North had some great wins this year. It's easier just to make a list. :-)
Puppy Sweepstakes
1st place in 6-9 puppy dog for Armani (Jollypaws Sharp Dressed Man)
1st place in 6-9 puppy bitch and BEST OPP IN PUPPY SWEEPS for Molly (Pawcific Cover Girl at Jollypaws)
Veteran Sweepstakes
1st place and BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPS for Morgan (GrCH Wildair Blazing To Morgan)
Regular Classes
1st place in 6-9 puppy dog for Armani
1st place in 6-9 puppy bitch for Molly
The puppies jointly won the Brace class. The only entry but they sure did look great together!
4th in Bred by bitch for Sacred (Pawcific Not On the First Date)
3rd in Am Bred for Dazzle (Pawcific I've Been Dazzled)
1st in Veteran bitch and BEST VETERAN for Morgan
3rd in Herding Titled Dog for Sparky (I know he placed in Stud Dog as well)
1st in Herding Titled bitch and AWARD OF MERIT for Rime (Ch Wildair Winter Light HSAs)
SELECT BITCH for Lucy (BISS Ch Pawcific Dream Date) - and a note, this is the second year in a row that I have bred the Select Bitch at nationals, which I think is pretty cool!

Supported Show on Sunday
By this time I was so tired that I didn't keep track of placings in classes, but Vogue (GrCh Pawcific Strike A Pose) came away with an AWARD OF MERIT win.

A successful show, a successful national for the Pawcific crew, and most of all we can all say it's over!

~ Emily
PS Pictures will be coming soon. ;-)