Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walker and Joy puppies playing!

I hope this works! If not...I will get it up later. :-)

These puppies are out of my phalene, Walker. I got to visit with them briefly in my hotel room on the way back home from CA. They are 7 weeks old.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Portland brags...

As many of you know the biggest dog show in the area was this past weekend. It is known as the Rose City cluster in Portland, OR at the Expo center. In conformation alone there was over 3,000 dogs in attendance. For us it is one of the most tiring shows as there always seems to be LOTS going on that weekend. This year was most definitely in that category!

The Pawcific crew did have some success over the weekend. Thursday had the most highlights. Here are some brags and results:

Thursday - Molly was WB for 2 pts, Lucy Select to finish her Grand Champion! and in Michigan...Walker (my phalene) finished his Championship, thank you to Mary Jo for handling.

Friday - Lucy was Select, we also entered the Eukanuba Breeders Stakes in the evening with Vogue, Lucy, and Molly and won a Herding Group 3!!

Saturday - Vogue was Select

Sunday - Lucy was Select

All in all a fun weekend but a tiring one. Good bye Portland crazy show...until next year!

Gwyneth in her new home!

Thanks to Linda for sending some cute photos of Gwyneth getting to know her new home! Linda reports that she just settled into the household like she belonged there! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Token/Nola puppies - quick update after evaluations...

For those wondering what happened at the puppy party evaluations...here is the quick run down...

Mulan and Cinderella (now Gwyneth) left for their new homes this weekend.

Peter Pan is off to grow up at Yolanda's house (via Dayl's house) and our fingers are crossed that he will be a show dog some day!

Belle and Aladdin leave early this week to their new homes.

Ariel has a home pending and you may be seeing her in the show dog world as well.

Simba is currently available. Yes, you heard that the red/sable male is looking for a home. I am sure he will find a home soon. Please email me if you are interested and if you have already inquired, please email me again so I make sure I know who still is searching for a puppy.

And finally...well Pocahontas was spoken for BUT after Evan sat and cried in my arms that she was leaving Saturday evening and being totally attached to this puppy from the start...I have told Evan that he can keep her for now as long as he helps with her training. We will play it by ear and see how it goes but I can't let her go unless Evan is ok with it. (and yes, she is one of our picks in the litter, so you may see her in the show ring as well...Evan might even let me show her. :D)

Thank you to all the breeders who came over to see the puppies. It was great to get a chance to have some down time and share ideas on evaluations. I am also glad that many agreed with what my evaluations were.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day 2012

Snow Day here in the Northwest. It happens usually once a year, maybe a few more depending on how kind or not kind the weather is being. In our land...people see snow and stay home, even if the roads are clear or like today where it is currently raining (ummm....that means snow is melting quickly)...and school is cancelled. But...it is looking like I still have to go to work...good thing...I get paid...bad thing...I will have a lot of cancellations which will make for a long boring day. So...before I go anywhere...here is a few snow day pictures for you!

Our front yard...

For those wondering about puppy pictures this week. You will just have to wait until this weekend when we have the puppy evaluations. The dog show, work, and cleaning house, is taking up my time. (well minus a few minutes to blog!)

But, just for those who can't wait until then...I made Evan bring one of the puppies outside to get a cute Evan and puppy picture in the snow. The puppy nominated = Gwyneth (formally Cinderella). Why? She has her ears up today!!

Have a good day everyone!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The adorably cute photos of the pups - the girls!

And not to be outdone by their brothers...here are the girls! Enjoy!

Gwyneth (formally Cinderella)


Pocahontas (the one that is always on the move)

Where is Belle?
There she is!
Wish this was in focus as it really shows of her cute personality!

The adorably cute photos of the pups - the boys!

I don't think these photos need many words...enjoy the cuteness!

Peter Pan


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Token/Nola puppies - 6 weeks! - part 2 (the sables/reds)

Here are the sables/reds at 6 weeks. Enjoy!



Belle - I thought this was just too cute and had to share!

Token/Nola puppies - 6 weeks! - part 1 (the brindles)

Here are the 6 week old stacked shots of the puppies! I broke it into two parts. First off are the brindle puppies...





Peter Pan