Monday, June 29, 2009

Mt Vernon dog show

Results from Mt Vernon...
Splash BOB both days!
Secret BOS on Sunday
Jazz, RWD on Sat and WD, BOW, BOB on Sun!
Java WB, BOS on Sat, RWB on Sun

Congrats to all!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chicago Trip - Day 5,6,7

Day 5 - Tuesday
On Tuesday we started the morning off by visiting the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. The views were gorgeous and we got to see prairie dogs, buffalo, and Mom's favorite, wild horses.
A view from an outlook around the tourist loop.
One of the tallest outlooks we climbed too. As you can see the rock formations jutted out of the ground everywhere.
Another view from the previous outlook.

Wild horses along the side of the road. We sat and watched them for a while, they were just hanging out.

Later that afternoon, we went to Dickinson, ND and visited the Dakota Dinosaur Museum. This was a highlight for Evan. They had lots of real dinosaur bones, casts, fossils, and tons of gemstones and rocks. One display of gemstones, you could just feel the warmth coming from them.

After the dinosaur museum, we went down the enchanted highway, where you literally can see HUGE sculptures. Since it was getting late, we only saw a few before continuing onto our destination for the night in Bismarck, ND.
Day 6 - Wednesday
Our hotel had a big water park inside the hotel. Emily and Evan woke up early the next morning to go in the pool.

Evan going down the kid slide. My camera didn't want to cooperate very well!

In Jamestown, ND, we stopped at a Buffalo Museum, which apparently had an albino buffalo. Well, for reference sake, you probably won't see the albino buffalo, as they are in a big pasture area and most often they are hiding amongst the trees and hills. So, don't waste your time going to the museum to see the albino buffalo in person, but rather to learn about buffalo's.
We then went onto the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, before stopping for the night right across the border in Hudson, WI.

Day 7 - Thursday
Our last day of travel. I am not feeling so swell and we are all getting a bit tired of being in the car, so we pushed through to Naperville, IL where my family lives, near Chicago. We made a quick stop in Madison, WI to drop off some of the rabbits my Mom is transporting and to have lunch at Cracker Barrel. Then arrived in the afternoon in Naperville. Now, we get to have fun visiting family and my cousin's wedding is on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chicago Trip - Day 4 pictures

On Monday, we started out in Cody, WY and visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. The center houses four different museums including Buffalo Bill, Firearms, Indians, and Native plants. Evan wasn't as fond of the museums, but they were all well done and the adults enjoyed it!

Tipi outside of the Buffalo Bill center

Mattel on top of a rock! Jenny's two BC's came with, Mattel and Morgan.

On the way out of Cody...Mom decided that we should take a scenic route to we went through the Bighorn Canyon National Park area. It was quite the drive!
It started out with a thunderstorm...we literally were on switch backs up the side of the mountain, climbing to almost 10,000 feet high. Jenny was carefully driving.
Since it was pouring we didn't get to stop at the Medecine Wheel, but here is the sign telling about it! About this time we had snow all around us and the rain was mixed with snow!
Finally it cleared up and this was one of the pics from the other side of the canyon. It was gorgeous coming down.
We ended up in Glendive, MT for the night.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chicago Trip - Day 3 pictures

Here are pictures from our day in Yellowstone National Park.

Buffalo...randomly alone in a field. Later on in the day we saw a whole group of them with babies, but Jenny only took pictures on her camera!

View of the valley...where we saw lots of wildlife.

Emily in front of a steaming hillside.

Kathy, Evan, and Jenny, with the mud volcano behind them!

Mud Volcano

Steaming mud, Evan's favorite!

A geyser going off.

A really pretty blue sulfur pool. This one was one of the most clear.

On the way from Yellowstone to our destination for the night in Cody, WY, we went on Hwy 20, the most scenic highway in the USA. It was a gorgeous drive. The pictures above and below are from that drive.

When we got to Cody, WY, we had dinner at a really good BBQ place and then went to the Cody Rodeo! A highlight for Evan!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicago trip - Day 2 pictures

Craters of The Moon National Park was Saturday's main event. The park features different volcanic rocks. We made a huge deal about volcano's and Evan really got into it. He even cried when we left, wanting to stay longer!
Emily and Evan in front of a huge rock formation.

You saw lots of random piles of rocks, left from the lava flows.

A very small flower, a bit of new growth amongst all of the black rocks.

The trees were really cool. Lots of them stood like this.

Kathy, my Mom, with her cane, yes she dislocated her knee about two days before we left!

Evan in front of one of the trail signs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicago Trip

Hi all!
We started out on our trip across country to Chicago on Friday. For once, this is purely a family vacation, as we are traveling to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. On Friday, we went to Boise, Idaho. Saturday we traveled to the Craters of the Moon and toured that park, then made a short trip to Blackfoot to drop off a dog, and ended up in West Yellowstone, MT. Today we are off to tour Yellowstone for the day and will end up tonight in Cody, WY. I will be posted pictures from yesterday and today when I get some computer time later today!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Roses...

From my front rose bushes...they are so beautiful!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Not much news from Puyallup...Secret won BOB on Saturday and BOS on Sunday. Reiver didn't get shown as the other class bitch didn't show up, bummer. Jazz won RWB on Saturday. Java won RWB on Sunday.

We leave on Friday for Chicago to my cousins vacation, finally!!

Yakima pictures

Here are some pictures from Yakima! Thanks to Michael, who brought his camera along, and does a fabulous job!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walker pics from nationals

Here are the pictures from the Pap National of Walker! Isn't he just the cutest? :-)

A rose for a rose...

Roses from my front bushes...more to come.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Available to pet homes...

We have two older dogs available to pet homes.

One is Sally, who is Secret's sister, 2 years old, very small, and needing a home where she has a person of her own. She is sweet, but a little softer and may not do best in a family situation.

Mom has also decided to place Carey, as she is done trying to work on tracking with her, so if the perfect home came along for her, she is willing to let her go. Carey is 7 years old, more active, loves chasing a tennis ball, and was a great juniors dog for my sister!