Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our mini-vacation to Ferndale, CA!

My Mom, Dad, Evan, Andrew, and I decided to take a mini-vacation to Ferndale, CA (where I had a judging assignment). Last year when I went down to the show I was amazed at the beautiful views and really wanted a chance to go back and I thought this was a great opportunity! Evan was in charge of the no expectations of the quality of photos...but at least you can see what we had fun doing!

On Friday we started out and stopped off at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR...

Then we stayed overnight at the Oregon Caves in the historic hotel. Saturday morning we woke up and took the tour of the caves (Mom and Andrew stayed behind as babies aren't allowed!)...
Then we drove through the Redwood National Park...(if you have never been, you have to someday, it is absolutely amazing to see the massiveness of the redwood trees)

Then we stayed outside of Ferndale Saturday evening. Sunday morning we woke up and went to the dog show, saw some lovely Cardigans. Then proceeded to Crescent City for the night. On our way we stopped off at the Cheese Factory near Ferndale and bought some cheese! After a rather hard sleep...we woke up on Monday and traveled down to Bandon...on our way Dad and Evan played on the beach...

(BTW, this lighthouse is the Western most point in Oregon)

At the end of the day we watched one of the best firework shows I have seen up close. It sure was a great vacation!!