Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bamboo - wk 5.5

Sorry for the house is pretty dark when it is cloudy out!

Running around the house. And below...a short video of him playing with Evan (or attacking him). Let's hope this video thing works...first time doing it!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I had a lot of fun judging this past weekend. (Did I mention I love judging!!) Unfortunately I had a bit of a head cold, so I wasn't feeling so swell, but I had a lovely entry and really enjoyed myself. Having an assignment in my area is always difficult as you know most of the dogs background. I really had to step back and judge on the day. I had several in there that just didn't want to cooperate as puppies go, so unfortunately didn't show themselves off like I have seen them do. Others, just shined and really deserved the wins on the day. Thank you to all for bringing me such a nice entry and to the club for allowing me to judge this year. It truly was fun!

On other weekend news...

Sat (my clients had to show their own dogs, but I still want to send a big congrats for stepping in when I couldn't be in the ring!)
Jazz RWD
Bugsie RWB

Jazz WD, 1 pt!
Walker RWD

I must get some sleep! And little Bamboo is getting obnoxious, so need to get away from this computer! (He is currently in my office room and demands you to pick him up every time you walk in here! Hmmm, spoiled puppy, maybe???) :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ramblings for Wed...

The simple things in life are the one's to remember. Wednesday seems to be the day where I do a lot of thinking. How ironic, huh? This picture above seemed appropriate for today (of course a Michael photo). Enjoying the simple beauty through the fog...seeing the end of a long journey is hard and challenging...yet knowing there is a new one on the horizon is even more important. A lot of new things are coming to my horizon, a lot of things I am really excited about. Although today I was reminded of some not so distant past that still haunts me, but I move on and show the world the beauty of the small things. The simple things like getting a hug from Evan, Chai learning a new trick, playing with the cutest puppy in the world (Bamboo), or a phone call from Michael. All these things are what makes up me, things that I dwell on and look to the future with. So, that is my ramblings on things today.
And now, off my soap box and back to some updates...

Here is a beautiful picture of Denali's BOB win at our Supported Entry at OKC in Enumclaw this summer. Denali is out of my beloved Haze and my best bud Brayden. He is sure maturing to be a nice boy!

For those of you who sent Gaelic names...I ended up with Meckenzie, which means the daughter of the wise leader. Perfect match for a Brayden daughter! She will be joining my crew in early October!

Well...I better get back to packing for Richland. Feels a little odd not having any cardigans being shown, but I can't wait to judge sweeps! It will be fun!! Glad to see the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend. Safe travels to those going!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Java's pictures from Eugene

Saturday's Supported Entry, BOW, 3 pt major!

Friday, BOB, 4 pt major!

Bamboo - wk 4 - We have lift off!

And Yes, he appears to have some tri markings coming through...hmmm...what color is he?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend news

Shelton, WA Results...

Java, WB, BOB, 1 pt and NEW CHAMPION!!
Bugsie, RWB
Page, WD, BOW, 1 pt and NEW CHAMPION!
Scarlet, WB, BOS, 1 pt and Bred By Group 4!
Reiver, RWB
Nola, WB, 1 pt!

Bugsie, WB, BOB
Reiver WB, BOS, 1 pt!
Scarlet, RWB

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

Katie aka Chelstar-Mantle Jewel V The Nile, my new girl here is prelim OFA GOOD!!

For those who missed it, she is out of Ch Twinroc Santa Paws and Aurigan Margaux-With-An-X. She will be co-owned by her previous owner, Pam Bennett, and I. Katie is getting settled well here, now I need to get some new pictures of her!

Gaelic Names the BC puppy I am getting, the lady always names her puppies after Gaelic names. Any ideas?? I really need to come up with something and don't have a clue what to pick. Help!

PS, it's a girl, black and white.

All fingers crossed for Cardigan pups in November!!

Yes, you heard me right...we had a successful breeding, so all fingers crossed that we have puppies in November. Studs changed at the last minute, but I think this cross will be a nice one, although probably the tightest pedigree I have ever attempted. I will know the first of October whether pups are coming!!

Otterhound National

Well, I made it back from soggy Cape Cod. What a treat to judge the Otterhound National Sweepstakes! I had a beautiful entry and despite the rain, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If anyone has never seen an Otterhound or want to see pictures, the 2009 national website is at They only have pictures up from Thursday right now, but I am sure they will be adding more soon!

I was invited to the dinner on Saturday evening and it was some of the best banquet food I have had! We were at an amazing Italian restaurant. The festivities are always fun and entertaining at the Otterhound National. I am always amazed how high the bids go in the live auction!

Most importantly my flights were on time with no travel issues for once. Phew.

A big thank you to the committee members who put the national on and inviting me to judge, it was an honor.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Champion!!

News from the Toy Specialty in Utah...

We have a NEW CHAMPION!!! Yes, Huck finally finished after chasing majors for a long time. He is now, CH Joyvnture Huckleberry Finn, by going BOW for a 5 point major today in Utah. YIPEEE!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bamboo - Week 2

Bamboo at 2 weeks of age...can't believe is already moving around, not wild yet though. He growled at himself the other day and scared himself! I love the self discovery stage. :-)

News from Pawcific...

It's been an extremely hard week for me with Ash passing, but I am holding up. Today was my last final for school, so now I have a week off! Yipee!! Maybe some of my housework will get done and paperwork caught back up on. Anyways, onto the good news...below is a new BC puppy that will be coming to live at my house soon! I am very excited. Isn't she cute!! :-)
On other news...all fingers, toes crossed for two successful breedings. I have one girl in for breeding and another is my own, so I am really hopeful I will be having puppies in November. Although it is a little difficult breeding two girls to the same dog at the same time. Anyone want to come over and help with breedings this weekend while I am gone? :-) Yes, I am off to Cape Cod this weekend to judge the Otterhound National Sweepstakes! (Yipee!!) Well, must go get Evan from school! He started kindergarten this week, can you believe it?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eugene Day 4

Not much luck today...

Chessies: Java RWB, Bugsie Best Puppy In Breed
Otterhound: Bogart BOB
BC: Page WD (no crossover today though)
Congrats to Kim and Louise who finished their dogs today (not yesterday, thanks Carolyn!!).

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eugene Day 3 results

BC: Page BOW, 2 pts!
Otterhounds: Bogart, BOB
Chessies: Java WB, BOW, 3 pt major!!
Cardigans: Diesel, RWD

Friday, September 4, 2009

Eugene Day 1 and 2 results

Chessies, Java WB (no points, ugh)
BC's, Page WD, BOW (1 pt) and Reiver WB (1 pt)
Otterhounds, Bogart BOB

Cardigans, Diesel, RWD (again, darn last point syndrome)
BC's, Page WD, BOW (1 pt), Reiver was not entered today
Otterhounds, Bogart BOB
Chessies, Java WB, BOW, AND BOB over a special for 4 pt major!!

More later...