Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Secret's puppies are here!!!

 Secret's puppies made quite the entrance to the world, thus why I haven't posted anything yet about them.  Last Monday, Secret's temperature dropped like a normal girl does right before having puppies.  Unfortunately she did not go into labor, instead started having a discharge that is a sign that puppies are in trouble.  On Tuesday morning, she went in for an emergency c-section at our vets.  The problem ended up being a puppy who had died in the uterus and was slowly intoxicating the other puppies and Secret.  I was very thankful I saw the signs that we were in trouble, otherwise the outcome may have been a lot worse.  Unfortunately though, we did loose one of the other puppies, due to it being so close to the dead puppy.  Another puppy we struggled with for it's first week of life to get it nursing and thriving, but she is strong and 'flying solo' thus she became Solo.  Secret came through like a pro though and is being a very good Mom to her 6 puppies who are now stable!!  Phew!! 

 Here are some much needed cuteness pictures taken yesterday, so at 6 days!!

 Mom and pups
 Puppy pile with Sonata's butt to you and Forte, Lyric, and Tempo on bottom.
 Secret...that's an odd way to feed your puppies??
 Andrew picture...have to still put one in every now and again for his cuteness!
 This is Rhythm.
 Nursing and just laying around pups!
 Just to see the difference in size...left to right Lyric, Forte, Sonata, Tempo, and Rhythm with little Solo on top.
And last but not least...little Solo peaking out.