Friday, February 17, 2012

Updates here at Pawcific!

Last week we made a point to have a family photo session of dogs that we needed updated pictures of. It was a nice day, although cold and windy! I am hoping that I can get some more pictures of my crew in the near future but we are in the middle of another rainy spell, so it will have to wait until things clear up again!

First off is Fraser, my sable male. I can't believe he will be two in May already. He is a stunning boy, just needs more time to fill out and mature. Sadly, I am offering him up for sale as my breeding program in Cardigans is coming to an end for the time being. I love breeding the Cardigans but need a break from it to concentrate on other things in life. I have more information about him on my website, but if you would like to inquire about him, please email me at emluv2sing @ aol . com (without spaces).

Might I add that his black overlay is coming back now with his mature coat. He is going through a huge shed right now and is totally ungroomed in these photos. I wanted him to look as naturally himself as possible!

Next updated shots is of Pocahontas or Poca (for short). She is 11 weeks in these photos. As with any photos of her, she is very quick to do other things so it is extremely hard to get her to stay still!

Next update is Nola...she has just been spayed, so no more puppies for her. Instead she gets to go to a great retirement home in Portland. Before she left, I decided I better get an updated shot of her, even though she hardly has any coat (after puppies mothers shed out their coat completely, it's the most bald they will ever be!). Here it is!

Then we move to the Border Collies. First off is Dasher, the handsome Kahnel x Lucy son we kept from that exciting litter. He has been shown as a puppy a few times (with some prestigious wins to his credit already!), but Jenny has been concentrating on more performance training while he matures. He has two legs towards his Rally Novice title, only needs one more to earn that title. Then he also has his STDs title in ASCA herding. More herding titles will be coming soon! He is an amazing herding dog with tons of potential, lots of power and eye with the finesse his mother Lucy has. I am very proud to have bred and own him with Jenny (my sister) and Kathy (my mom). He turned two this winter and he now has all of his health clearances.

Next Border Collie is Dazzle! She is the Sparky/Dolly puppy I kept from that litter. She just turned two as well and after passing her health clearances we look forward to breeding her this Spring/Summer. After her litter, she will then get back to intense training in herding and back in the ring to finish her Championship.

Finally, you cannot forget about my wonderful phalene, Walker. Walker has been on vacation with Mary Jo Loye for the past few months. She kindly offered to show him in her area for us and finished his CH in 8 shows! He is now CH La Ren Moon Walker. Thank you to his breeder/co-owner Janis McLaren for trusting me with this special boy. He is back home and being totally spoiled. He will be making a few appearances in the ring locally and we get to watch his first litter of puppies grow up!


Léo said...

Fraser looks good!

doggylover said...

I wanted the first two dogs in the photos but my mom told me that I have to get a smaller dog so I got a pomeranian. I love your blog.